Best WordPress plugin for SEO

Top 11 Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

Plugins is one of the main factors for every website and blog for SEO purpose. Some plugins are paid and some are free but, in this post, we will discuss only best free WordPress plugin for SEO that must and should have in every website. So, we will discuss 11 best all time free WordPress plugin for SEO.

OneSignal Push Notifications

1 . OneSignal Push Notifications – It is a Free WordPress plugin for SEO that comes up saying would you like push notifications? Well, so you know people’s information and you can actually send out push notifications out through people’s browsers. Now the great part about this plug-in is that it’s free and it converts 10 times better than email marketing agency.

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

This will help for more people to send the notification So, whenever you write the post and you want to send the notification then you can use this Free WordPress plugin for SEO will send the notification to all subscribers.

Suppose if you written a post about new product launch then all your subscriber will be notified via browser and they can simply click on it and be directed to your website with a very convenient way to get people to come to your website.  It’s like an email campaign, you know, so I push notification is a kind of words going, you know, marketing still amazing. But if you’re not using push notifications on your website get on it, it’s a Free WordPress plugin for SEO. Really, It’s amazing free WordPress plugin.

Google XML Sitemap

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

2. Google XML Sitemap: Google XML Sitemap is one of the best free WordPress Plugin for SEO. It helps all search engine like Google, Bing and yahoo. If you want to monitor your indexing in Google that will give that your where your post is ranking and which country that post is ranking. If you connected your blog post with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster than in Google search Console will automatically create a XML Sitemap and it makes easy to crawl your pages for indexing your website for visibility of your post in Google SERP.

All in One WP Migration

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

3 . All in One WP Migration: It’s simply amazing and let’s talk about security. You know security is probably one of the most important things on your website. And if you are not using all-in-one best Free WP migration, in fact, it’s the best WordPress plugin for SEO that probably you like. No backups. Everything else.

This WordPress plugin have 1 million active installs. So again, it’s amazing and a great Free WordPress plugin for SEO and I highly recommend it because I use it and it’s really amazing.

Really Simple SSL

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

4 . Really Simple SSL – Why it is so important? For every website SSL is must and should required if you don’t have an SSL Certification on your websites that is Https:// its shows that your website is secure and Google also recommended that type of sites those who have SSL certification sites So, with this plugin does if you have an SSL and it’s not working it will force the SSL to work.

This will actually I take that off so people go to website not to worry about all that crazy stuff. So again, it does require an SSL. It’s on a free SSL So, I highly recommend to get a really simple SSL That’s what it gives you some people are like, oh it’s secure, you know, it’s just people like it, really simple SSL and is Best Free WordPress plugin for SEO.

WP Super Cache

5 . WP Super Cache- This is a cashing plugin if you guys are not cashing your website’s because it makes site much faster and it has over 500,000 active installs used to recommend other one. but this plugin that is actually I’ve Just Seen amazing results. So, WP Super Cache fastest cache is a free cashing plugin again, it’s a Best Free WordPress plugin for SEO. It’s really great and amazing plugin.

this compresses all your images and it gets rid of all that extra space to make your site load faster So it’s very helpful. It will try and compress it as much as possible without losing resolution and quality to make it maybe around 10 So I get around like a 35% reduction on size which increases loading timer are decreases So, It’s an amazing plugin Just try it out. It’ll actually smash all of your images on your website all at one time. So, It’s just amazing and best Free WordPress plugin for SEO.

Yoast Plugin

6 . Yoast Plugin:  Now, I don’t ever recommend cos but still Yoast is probably one of the best Free WordPress plugin for SEO. It’s just amazing it basically indexes your website for searching is like Google Yahoo! And Bing and tell people what your website is all about, Yoast it takes all that content and it puts on the search engines and it makes it display how you want it to look so it’s a very helpful plugging it helps for SEO. It’s great Free WordPress plugin for SEO.

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

Those who are working in any company or either every blogger, they all use Yoast. So, it’s a great plugin and this is very helpful. I use it and it’ll display your website on the search engines accordingly on how you wanted. this plugin does various things it does it connects your Facebook Messenger with your fan page It add social icons.

It has so many extra features in it. In fact, this is a free plugin. It also has a pro version but I think that free version is just good enough.

Elementor Page Builder

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

7 . Elementor Page Builder – It is one the Best Free WordPress plugin for SEO the best Solutions depending on what you’re trying to do for your website. Now One of them is Elementor Elementary came out was probably 2 years ago and ever since. It has lots of amazing features because it is the Free page builder out there for WordPress. Looking for a page for your website the Elementor Page Builder It makes making websites super easy. It is hands down one of the best page build that’s come out for WordPress that are free.


8 . WooCommerce– If you are never heard about Woo Commerce, well Woo Commerce is a plugin that gives you the ability to actually sell on your website with WordPress and easily controls around of all websites on the internet. WooCommerce is a best free WordPress plugin for SEO. So,if you guys are planning to sell something on your website WooCommerce is definitely your best choice in regards of selling stuff. So again, it’s really awesome plugin for buy and sell and thing on your website.

Contact Form 7

9 . Contact Form 7- Contact form 7 is also one of the best highly recommended Free WordPress plugin for SEO and it’s have a lots of downloads this is great plugin for generating contact form no need to write any code just install this plugin and activate the plugin after when you created you contact pages just copy there this contact form 7 code after that it will directly generate your contact form, this is basically help to your visitors for sending massages or for comment section than they have to give all the details that is mentioned In the contact form.

Rank Math SEO

10.Rank Math SEO- One of the best Free WordPress plugin for SEO is Rank math SEO. Really its amazing Plugin it gives lots of features for how your blog look like and it will help in ranking in Google SERP. It gives score on the basis of how you optimized your content or we can say that how you optimized your On page SEO and as per your score you can utilize your post and try to reach your score more than 90% upon 100 so it’s good for your post and for SEO also to reach on 1st page of google.

One amazing feature with Rank Math SEO plugin is that you can insert 4 keywords with one main keyword. It’s really amazing and free plugin.

Site Kit by Google

11 . Site Kit by Google – Site Kit by Google is one of the best Free WordPress plugin for SEO ever because it is really amazing plugin. This Site Kit gives all the details and insights from Google other products:

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

In this plugin there are some major nice plugin that really making this plugin awesome. In this Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Page Speed Insights and Tag Manager

All this Google products are in one place so that no need to install other product or you can monitor every thing in one place because of that this Plugin Site Kit by Google making Awesome compare to others. Guys I strongly recommend for this plugin and it is free because of that this plugin making awesome and extraordinary.

Final Touch: This is all time best free WordPress plugin for SEO and any one can use it for your blog or for WordPress. This all plugins are free and easy to install. There are lots of Goods plugin is there but in all list two most my favorite plugin for SEO is 1. Rank Math and 2nd is Site Kit By Google both these are awesome plugin and i am also using both in my Every Website So Guys you also can try both are really nice plugin.

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