The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

What is SEO

What is SEO: SEO Means Search Engine Optimization. These SEO words is very wide concept and it’s very important for everyone. I will explain in simple way that you can understand easily suppose if you are searching for anything in GOOGLE SERP then Google is showing some results in down of Google SERP those results are either blog or website, who are in 1st page they did SEO for their website than that website is ranking on 1st page.

What is SEO – Basically SEO will help to all the website or blog to reach Top Rank on Google and to get free Organic Traffic. It’s a Process to get free Organic traffic from Google SERP. Without Proper SEO on website we can’t reach on top rank of Google SERP. Every website or blog they want organic traffic that will come when your website will reach the first page with top rank on Google.

Types of Traffic- Organic and Inorganic.

Organic Traffic: Organic Traffic will always come when you reach top of Google 1st Page and Organic is free traffic. When you are searching any keyword in Google then some results are coming down so when people will click and visit that website then that website is getting Organic Traffic and those website in top rank in Google, they did SEO for the Website. SEO helps the website and blog to reach 1st page of Google.

Inorganic Traffic: Inorganic traffic are paid traffic that are created with the help of Google Ads. So, in that case website owner are paying money to Google for showing the Ads on Google 1st page.

What is Blog and and how to create for this read this : The A-Z Guide of what is Blog and Blogging.

What is SEO : Every website and blog they wants their website in Google 1st page so, for that they have to do Proper SEO for the website, whatever Good content you written in your blog or website if that website is not ranking on Google 1st page then no one know your content , product or services so,

The website or blog their main aim is to reach on 1st page of Google SERP then everyone know about your website and blog , when people will navigate to your website then they read your content, that will come with the help of Proper SEO that everyone have to do for their website and blog after that your website and blog will reach on top rank on Google  1st Page.

The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

What is SEO : For any Keyword you searching on Google everyone is looking on 1st page of result that showing on Google SERP. Approx. 80 % of people is checking the website those who are coming in top 10-15 list and remaining 20 % people only visiting the 2nd page, So in that case you can imagine how much 1st page of Google is valuable. SEO will help to reach the 1st page of Google.

What is Search Engine:

Search Engine is Place where everyone is searching their keyword.

Search Engine like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, these are the popular search engine.

The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

What is SEO and Types of SEO?

Maybe everyone can understand what is SEO then we have to move on Types of SEO:

Basically, SEO is Two Types:

  1. On Page SEO:
  2. OFF Page SEO:

One Page SEO: On page SEO means when you are creating any website and blog and you are writing some content on the website and blog then you have to Do ON PAGE SEO, before you have to do the keyword research.

What is SEO

Keyword Research: For starting blog or website you have to decide on which topic you want to start your blogging so, proper keyword research is also a main factor to reach on top rank.

What is SEO : If anyone want any type of information then they will search in google. so, in that case if your website will come in 1st page then it’s good for your brand Goodwill.

The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

Important factors for on Page SEO:

What is SEO

1 . Website Speed: Speed of the website is also a main factor for SEO. When anyone is clicking on your website URL then it has to navigate to your website within in a second that will depend on your speed of the website so, regularly check your website speed with google speed checker.

2 . Mobile Friendly Website: As Per current scenario almost 60% users are using mobile for searching any queries so, in that case always make sure to make your website and content are mobile friendly.

3. Website Favicon: Use Favicon in your website or Blog which is Good for SEO.

4. Mobile Friendly Responsive Themes: Always use mobile friendly responsive themes for your website that will help in SEO.

5. Https: Https is also a main factor for on page SEO that will give the notification to the users , that this website is safe and secure.

6. Title Tag: Always use title tag in H2 format that will help In One Page SEO of the website.

7. Meta Description: Write Proper Meta Description as per your keyword and URL structure that will helps to user to know about your website and how you describe your product and service of your website that will also helps to get more traffic.   

8. Image Alt Tag: In website when you using images then always use ALT Tag.

9. URL Structure: Check Proper URL Structure of as per keyword and that will also a main part of On Page SEO.

10. Links: Create some internal linking that is also a part of On Page SEO.

11. Highlight Keyword: Highlight your Keyword and sub keyword in H2 and H3 format. Whenever anyone is searching that keyword that keyword and sub keyword you have to keep in H2 or H3 or Bold format.

12. Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to check your user behavior and growth rate of your daily user visitor, bonce rate, new user, old user etc., from Google analytics you can manage or monitor the behavior of user.

13. Google Search Console: Use Google Search Console from this you can submit your sitemap and you can monitor your daily keyword at what position that keyword is ranking as per country.  

14. Sitemap : Submit your sitemap in search engine.

15. Word Density : For any blog minimum 600 words but if you want to reach in top level then try to write your blog in 1200-1500 words.

Off Page SEO: Off Page SEO will come after doing completion of on page SEO of the website. This is basically you are promoting and creating a backlinks form others Good website that will increase your website ranking in top of Google 1st page.

The Ultimate Guide To WHAT IS SEO

Off Page SEO Main important factors:

What is SEO :

1. Blog Commenting: Off Page SEO basically it is a process of creating a backlink from other source so, in that case you can comment on Blog of another website to get a proper backlink. Before that you have to check the website of DA, PA and SS of the other website.

2. Form Posting: Form posting is also important factor to get backlinks.

3. Social Networking Site: Use Social Networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest; that will help to boost your ranking and traffic in your website,  

4. Guest Posting: If you want a good backlink with a good DA and PA then write a guest posting.

5. Blog Directory Submission: Submit your website link In blog directory.

6. Search Engine Submission: Search Engine Submission is also main factor in OFF Page SEO to reach on top rank.

7. Classifieds Sites: Submit your website link in Classifieds sites.

Final Conclusion for what is SEO :

This is the Basic SEO Tips and Tricks; Maybe you Got some ideas about what is SEO and what are the process required to do that. Approx. I cleared all the basic tips of what is SEO, Types of SEO , advantage of SEO and how to do. If you like the post share to those who need…

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