WHAT IS BLOG AND BLOGGING: As per today scenario blog is an Online platform where you can express your ideas in your Own word. 


Blog is like a digital diary or a place, we can say like website and online diary. It is a platform where you can express your ideas or knowledge and keeping safe at a place where you only can post your knowledge. If you not aware about the blog and blogging then you are at correct place and here, I will explain everything related to blog and blogging and how to start and what are the basic factors that you have to know before starting the blog.


Blog: Blog is an Online Place or Online Diary and we can say Online Platform where you can share your knowledge to the whole world. With the help of blog, we can share our ideas, thoughts, knowledge to the whole world.

It’s works like digital diary or digital book. If anyone is searching on any topic on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) some list is coming down of SERP is called blog or website. Suppose I am searching for best upcoming mobile then some list is coming down of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) that is called blog or website.

SERP: Search Engine Result Page

Then Maybe One Question is coming in your mind that why Google?


Google is a search engine and there are some others search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. Google is more popular compare to another search engine. As per today scenario approx. more then 80% of people are using Google for searching any queries.


WHAT IS BLOG AND BLOGGING: If you are new in the blogging field then you can start your blog in Google BlogSpot. Google BlogSpot is totally free. Google is providing totally free domain and hosting and there you can start your first blog. Then the question is coming is what is domain and hosting.

Main Key factors before starting a blog:

Domain: Domain like .com, .in, .org, .us, etc there are lots of domain reflection name is there but people always prefer .com domain it’s good and everyone wants .com domain or either they can choose according to the country related domain. I can say it’s totally depended on your niche of the blog or where you targeted audience.

As per your audience you can select your domain. Supposed My blog target audience is globally so 1st I will go for .com domain and if I will not get and I will choose .in domain that reflects to my county. So, as per your targeted audience you can choose your domain.

Hosting: Hosting is a place where you can store your data in server or place called hosting. For running a good website or blog hosting is the main key factor. Choose always good hosting provider before starting a blog, get the best hosting provider from link below.

WordPress: If you don’t know programming then you go for WordPress it’s easy to install. And start your website without coding knowledge. There are lots of blogger who are using WordPress for their blog or website and easy to start your blog.

Themes : If you want that your website look like professionally than you must should have a paid theme that gives a professional look because 1st impression is a look of your website and how you optimized you content that gives a huge impact on your audience and every good blogger  is using paid themes. So, I will suggest you go for paid themes. You can buy the paid best themes from the list below.

What is Blog and Blogging ?

Internet: Internet is also a main key factor for starting a blog or website. You can start your blog with your mobile internet or anyone internet service provider you can use.

Laptop: One laptop is required to start your blog. If you don’t have laptop then in mean time you can start with your mobile but I will not recommend you to start with mobile, if you don’t have budget then take second hand laptop and start your blogging.

Ideas: Suppose you have everything but lastly and main thing is about niche. In which niche or topic, you can start your blog so, choose the best niche as per your knowledge and start your blog .

What is Blog

Then Again, some question is rising in your mind what to write in the blog?

In Blog what to write: Suppose If you don’t know anything in blog what to write and how to write then I will suggest you can start your blog as per your knowledge and interest. Whatever if you have knowledge or interest you can start on that topic and share your ideas and knowledge 

Who is Blogger: Blogger; if anyone is writing a post on blog or website that person is a Blogger, we can say he/she is blogger. If you reading this post so, this post is written by me then I am here a Blogger. Any person who is writing a post on his website then we can say that person is a blogger.

Types of blogging:

WHAT IS BLOG AND BLOGGING : Blogging in which topic we have to start: As per my suggestion you can start your blog as per your interest or knowledge you have, whatever you have knowledge maybe your knowledge will be helpful for lots of people. Here I am giving some example in which topic you can start your blog; the list is below down:


What is Blog and Blogging & Types of Blogging:

Travel Blog: Travel Blog is also a trending topic to start a blog. If you like to travel then you can start your blog in Travel topic. In this topic you have to add  some main important things like nearest places to visit on that place , best hotels to stay, best food items, best temples and what you like on that places that also you have to mentioned and about religion , culture , language and how far from station take some good images to add on your blog that will gives good impact on your blog.

Here the main important thing if your readers is reading your post that they have to get some ideas about the place, suppose they want to visit to that places then they have to get full information about that places then they will like your blog and they can share your blog to other people those who are searching for that type of blog.

Cooking Blog: If you have good knowledge on Cooking items and making some delicious food then you can start your blog in cooking Niche. You can share your ideas of cooking items. Cooking blog is also very famous and it’s also have lots of demand.

There are lots of people searching for cooking related topic or how to make .so, this is also a good niche to start a blog. These is good niche or topic specially for girls and women those who want to start blogging then I will suggest to start in this niche.

What is Blog and Blogging ?

Cricket Blog: Cricket Blog has a wide concept, and a verity of topic. in this niche you can add sub niche like all players history, interest, hobbies, highest score, how many matches played, players lifestyle, test matches, one day matches and T20 matches upcoming matches, IPL matches and many more on sub niche you can start you can start your blog.

Cricket is an evergreen demand specially in India like country and all ICC cricket country members. It’s a huge demand and daily lots of people searching on internet on cricket topic. Daily some people are searching on players lifestyle so on that type of niche also you can start your blog.

Job Sites Blog: Job site blog is also very popular. In this type of blog, you have to subscribe the main big jobs news alert paper and magazine like google news alert and you have to regular update with the jobs. Whenever you will get any alert you have to update.

Technology Blog: Suppose you have interest in technology then you can start your blog in technology field. There is huge no of people or bloggers who are running their blog or website in technology and its always be in demand. In these niches you have always be update with new and trending technology and write in your post about that topics in simple language than your audience can easily can understand.

What is Blog and Blogging ?

Current Affairs Blog: Current affairs is also good niche and, in this niche, very less people who running the blog so this a good choice but in this type of blog you have to update yourself related current affairs and about trending topic and post regularly in your website.

In this niche people those who are searching this type of topic those who are either preparing for government jobs and either railway jobs, banks jobs, UPSC jobs, private jobs. so that type of audience or readers will read your blog. Always give accurate information in this niche and post daily something new trending topics and always check with your top competitors.

Job sites blog: Job sites blog is also a great idea for starting blog. In this blog daily you have to update jobs in your site either it’s a government or private jobs. Whenever any notification will come for jobs just update in your website, for this job-related blog you have to subscribe the main jobs portal sites like Partiyogita Darpan and many others newspapers and magazines so, whenever you will get the notification you have to update in your site.

News Blog: News Blog is best niche for and it’s a huge demand. If you have interest in news or politics then you can start your blog in news. It’s a wide concept and everyone want news in home at door or in mobile. Every second news required and in this you can add politics related news, party related news politics family background history and many more.

What is Blog and Blogging ?

Fashion Blog: As per current scenario Fashion is a huge demand. People are more caring for their fashion. They want to looks smarts and stylish in that case fashion blog is helping for many guys. In Fashion blog you can share your ideas and trips and tricks for fashion and how you look smart and good healthy. This time fashion is more demand and everyone wants stylish in topic also daily new fashion trends are coming so, always be update and put in your blog and give them value to your audience.

Beauty Blog: Beauty Blog is also a huge demand and have a lot of scope. In last two years parlor or beautician shop are increased double so you can imagine how firstly beauty blog have scope. If you have knowledge in beauty or you are doing parlor services so, in that case also you can start your blog in beauty blog and you can share your trips and ticks for beauty related concept.



What is Blog : Can we make money with blog?

Yes! we can make money with blog but only few things you have to do first:

1. Make a Mobile friendly website.

2. Choose niche on which niche you want to start your blog.

3. Choose keyword

4. Post daily wise content for your users.

5. Monitor daily traffic report with Google Analytics of your website.

5. When daily 100-200 users are coming then go for monetarization.

6. Monetize your website with Google Ad-sense. 

7. Provide good value content to your users.

8. Post Google ads in your website.

9. Monitor your website speed.

10. Make money from your website.



Advantages of Blog or Blogging:


1.. You are your Own Boss.

2. You can share your thoughts with millions of people.

3. With the help of blogging we can earn money from home.

4. You can earn money more and more from your blog.

5. In Blogging you are not working under anyone.

6. In blog just work hard and smartly than you can earn lakhs of money easily.

7. Internet is only a place where you can earn money without investing money.

8. For making a website there is not much expenses.

9. Online and blogging there is no risk of theft of money 

10. With the help of blogging your subscriber and viewers are increasing.

11. With the help of blogging you are increasing your popularity.

12. When you become popular your band value is increasing.

13. For this you are not paying anything or single rupees to anyone.

14. For this you are getting money.

15. After increasing your value of the blog then companies are directly talking to you for promotions.

16.If your blog post or content is good then in that case your subscribers and viewers are increasing day by day it that scenario your income is also increasing more and more.

17. Google is also helping your content or post to reach on top rank.

18. Lastly you will reach the 1st position on Google SERP.

19. Your Brand Value and Goodwill will also Increasing.

20. Last and final Your are king on Google SERP with 1st Position.

Final Touch :

In This Post I covered what is Blog and Blogging and how to start a blog and what are the advantage of Blog and if you are new in blogging then I given the niche ideas for the starting the blog and make money from home. Friends If you like the post then share those who need…

Sharing is Caring..

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