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Hobbi app–New Invention of Photo Sharing App by Facebook

Facebook Hobbi App

A New big town app from social media platform Facebook launched Hobbi App. Hobbi Facebook App is just like Pinterest for photo and video sharing app and big rival of Pinterest.

The ideas behind this app is to interact with more users and how they will react about creation, interest and activities for cooking, crafting, fitness and in-home décor. It is on the experimental mode form the Facebook’s NPE team.

This Hobbi Facebook app is allowing to create your personal interest, about hobbies, and making videos to keep and check the progress and track their daily activities. Hobbi app is good for monitoring your daily activities “It helps you to document and remember the things you love to do”.

Hobbi Facebook app
Image Source : apple store

This is a very good app and its user inter-phase is also Good, his functionality same like Pinterest. Pinterest having a huge user engagement data base where user is sharing their pics and video wherever they captured and it’s a fan following app because of huge user data base and fan following activities Facebook came with rival of Hobbi.

Facebook Hobbi App

Facebook Hobbi App is giving special features to the users that they can share their activities and crafted videos, with family friends whenever they completed. Pinterest and Facebook Hobbi app Both these app is same like in features.

Hobbi app available in Spain, Colombia, Belgium and Ukraine. This app is available on apple App Store in us. These Hobbi app is available on iphone or ipad platform but still It’s not available on android version on Google Play.

Facebook Hobbi App

Now the Facebook is working on developing and experimenting more apps that name is called NPE Team (New Product Experimental Team) that was formed last year. The main aim of these team is developing and experimenting more apps,

Final Touch :

Facebook hobbi app is launched by NPE team and still it is in experimental mode. Currently it is available in IOS paltform and its competitors of Pinterest.

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