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Hobbi app–New Invention of Photo Sharing App by Facebook

Facebook Hobbi App A New big town app from social media platform Facebook launched Hobbi App. Hobbi Facebook App is just like Pinterest for photo and video sharing app and big rival of Pinterest. The ideas behind this app is to interact with more users and how they will react about creation, interest and activities for cooking, crafting, fitness and in-home décor. It is on the experimental mode form the Facebook’s NPE team. This Hobbi Facebook app is allowing to create your personal interest, about hobbies, and making videos to keep and check the progress and track their daily activities.… Read More

Tangi App-Google Launches Short form Video App

Tangi App Google Tangi app is officially launched by Google for short making videos and its founder is Coco Mao. Tangi App Founder said our platform goal is to help the people to learn craft,cook and create with quick one-minute videos, “We only focus on DIY and creativity content,” explains Tangi founder, Coco Mao in a blog post. Tiktok is a video sharing social media platform where users are creating videos for short form and because of too much popularity, The World leading software Multinational tech giant company Google launched a new app called Tangi app.  Google has come with… Read More