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Hobbi app–New Invention of Photo Sharing App by Facebook

Facebook Hobbi App A New big town app from social media platform Facebook launched Hobbi App. Hobbi Facebook App is just like Pinterest for photo and video sharing app and big rival of Pinterest. The ideas behind this app is to interact with more users and how they will react about creation, interest and activities for cooking, crafting, fitness and in-home décor. It is on the experimental mode form the Facebook’s NPE team. This Hobbi Facebook app is allowing to create your personal interest, about hobbies, and making videos to keep and check the progress and track their daily activities.… Read More

Top 50 Monday Motivation Quotes for Work

Monday Motivation Quotes for work Monday is like a math problem. Add the Goal, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, and divide the happiness. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present. Just one Inspirational thoughts in the morning can change your whole day. There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big with a small team. Monday Motivation Quotes for work Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday. Opportunity is missed by many people because it is dressed in overall and looks like… Read More

5 Ways to check What WordPress theme is that! wp theme detector

What WordPress theme is that What is Theme Theme: What is theme: theme is a piece of code that showcase the visibility of the look, that means how that code will look like. IN WordPress a theme is the collection of templates and sheets and it is used for showcase the appearance and display of the website. In this tutorial I will tell you how you can find which theme a website is using. Suppose if you visited any site and you like the theme you visited and you want to know what is the theme of that website is… Read More


GOOD MORNING QUOTES IMAGES Quotes On GOOD MORNING QUOTES IMAGES In every moment, you are the only one who gets to choose your attitude. Choose wisely Quotes On GOOD MORNING QUOTES IMAGES True wealth is celebrating the present moment. Quotes On GOOD MORNING QUOTES IMAGES Good Morning Quotes Life is about right now in this very moment. Not tomorrow, not yesterday but NOW. Live it! GOOD MORNING QUOTES IMAGES Having a great dream and belief in yourself is great, but nothing happens until you take action. MORNING QUOTES IMAGES Your words are simply the thoughts of yours that will become… Read More

Tangi App-Google Launches Short form Video App

Tangi App Google Tangi app is officially launched by Google for short making videos and its founder is Coco Mao. Tangi App Founder said our platform goal is to help the people to learn craft,cook and create with quick one-minute videos, “We only focus on DIY and creativity content,” explains Tangi founder, Coco Mao in a blog post. Tiktok is a video sharing social media platform where users are creating videos for short form and because of too much popularity, The World leading software Multinational tech giant company Google launched a new app called Tangi app.  Google has come with… Read More

Top 50 Inspirational Quotes for Moving Forward for Success

This is a great collection of inspirational Quotes for Moving Forward for Success in life, letting go of the past and moving forwards for success for the happiness. Quotes for Moving Forward Do Something Great . Life is more meaningful when our goal is fulfillment rather than happiness. Set your goals high and do something everyday to move forward. When was the last time worry ever solved a problem? Breathe and know that you are perfect in this moment. Nobody’s perfect. We all fall down. What matters most is how quickly we get back up, learn from our mistakes and… Read More

Top 11 Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO

Best Free WordPress Plugin for SEO Plugins is one of the main factors for every website and blog for SEO purpose. Some plugins are paid and some are free but, in this post, we will discuss only best free WordPress plugin for SEO that must and should have in every website. So, we will discuss 11 best all time free WordPress plugin for SEO. OneSignal Push Notifications 1 . OneSignal Push Notifications – It is a Free WordPress plugin for SEO that comes up saying would you like push notifications? Well, so you know people’s information and you can actually… Read More

TOP 5 Best Hosting for a Website

If You are Planning to Make a website or WordPress blog You must have to Choose Best Hosting for a website: For this I will help you to choose best WordPress hosting for a website or for your WordPress blog. As per current Scenario maximum people is using WordPress for website and for blog because of its free and easy to install. Selecting a best hosting for a website is such a real headache! There is lots of hosting companies in the market those who are offering the best hosting for a website. But we choose the best top 5… Read More


Best Money Earning App On Android Today in this Generation Everyone wants to make money online from their mobile for part-time or for full time. Everyone wants to Generate some extra source of income with simple task or make money form online. Are you still searching for making money online, in this post I will discuss some best and easy to way to make money online or through your mobile? With some simple task you have to do and you can earn some good money. You can Just need to install the app and do the task and start earning… Read More


WHAT ARE BACKLINKS IN SEO Backlinks: What are Backlinks: First off all we have to Understand what is Backlinks and why backlinks are required and how backlinks will help you to reach top level on rankings on Google SERP and Types of Backlinks. Backlinks: In Simple way Backlinks is Just a link that are coming from other source or website to your website. Backlinks is also another name is inbound links and external links. When you created some links to other website then that link will be coming from that website to your link that is called backlink. WHAT ARE… Read More