what the WordPress theme is that

5 Ways to check What WordPress theme is that! wp theme detector

What WordPress theme is that

What is Theme

Theme: What is theme: theme is a piece of code that showcase the visibility of the look, that means how that code will look like. IN WordPress a theme is the collection of templates and sheets and it is used for showcase the appearance and display of the website.

In this tutorial I will tell you how you can find which theme a website is using. Suppose if you visited any site and you like the theme you visited and you want to know what is the theme of that website is using so I will guide you how you can find out any website is using which type of theme are what is the theme name of any website and plugin also.

One Method by using which you can verify like If you open the website you have a rightly clear seeing page source now for that the second option view page source so you will see there is an HTML coding here so you have to click and type ctrl f when you will press ctrl F you will find a search box there so you have to write here WP dash content so you can check the area highlighted and that area is showing that this website is using some theme WP theme.

Check the WordPress website with login URL

Take any website and enter the website URL like this “www.abc.com/wp-admin” to check the website if it will go to login screen of WordPress or not. If the website is built on WordPress then it go to login page and if not, then you will get a massage like 404 error, which means that website is not built on WordPress.

5 Best Tool to check What WordPress theme is that.

WordPress Theme Detector :

What WordPress theme is that

You have to put a URL of any website there and see the magic of WTP theme detector so it will take 15 to 20 seconds and after 15 to 20 seconds it will show that this website is using which theme and this is the version 5 point 6 points and the author of the theme with description and it will show also some information about the themes, like this are one of the top 10 WordPress themes etc.


Scan WP is also a one of the best WordPress theme detectors there we can check the what the WordPress theme is that. From This theme if we want to find the any website what theme they are using then we have entered the URL of the site, we will get the information like:

  • Name: Name of the theme that website used
  • Price: The Cost of the theme
  • Tag: Tags related with the theme
  • From where the theme was purchased
  • Version: Version of the theme
  • URL: link to buy the theme
  • Plugin: What plugins used on the website
  • Cost plugin and it is free or not.

ISITWP : What WordPress theme is that.

ISITWP is also the best theme detector where you can find any website which theme that website is using and we can get lots of information like Name of the theme , Hosting and Who IS and lots more..

What WordPress theme is that

The ISITWP it gives the theme details , plugin details, Hosting Provider , Title of the website and you can find the WHOIS details and lots more.

What WordPress Theme is that

What WordPress is that is a great tool to find and detects what the theme used by the WordPress site and it gives the information and details of the theme like the author, version, and the license along with description and purpose.

What WordPress Theme is that

What WordPress theme is that

This WordPress theme is known as What WordPress Theme Is That (WWPTIT). WWPTIT is a best tool available in the market free of cost for any type of theme detector. The theme can help you to detect the website is what WordPress theme the site using. It gives the details of theme of the website and it includes child themes and parent themes as well and it also detects the plugins are being used by the website.

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