HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE :YouTube is Big Brand In social Media. Approx. every People they know about YouTube. But in this post, I will cover all the basic and advanced level of YouTube and I will make you to Grow yourself with the help of YouTube. And what are the advantages of YouTube.


What is YouTube: YouTube is an American video sharing company or platform where users can Create channel make and upload their videos, they can watch, like, share, and comment on the videos. It’s headquartered in San Bruno, California. It is found by three PayPal employees – Jawed Karim,Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen in 2005. Later Google bought YouTube in November 2006. Now YouTube is a Google Company. YouTube CEO is Susan Wojcicki.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE : You want to make money online then becoming a You-tuber is a good choice. YouTube are getting more than billions of unique users’ every month that’s what how the huge audience on YouTube. Every second new- new creators are coming.

Today YouTube Stars are self-made celebrities – Peoples who did the hard work for creating the content and given value to the audience in any field like teaching, entertaining, knowledge sharing and providing value to the users now they are YouTube celebrities.    


  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program and earn money form ads:

For Making money from YouTube first join the YouTube Partner Program. Then starting making videos as per your interest and knowledge that your want to share with the Online users and keep uploading the videos.

Before uploading the videos think that you are giving some value to the audience in any sector so, if they are getting some values from you then they will like, share, and comment on your videos then your audience is increasing more and more

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOU TUBE: Many people are already making a lot of money. From their videos. with every 1000 views, you will be able to get approx. $2-$4. This is maybe not but its also depend on your niche, quality of content, video sharing, comment and your target audience from where and from which country maximum people are watching your videos.

This all will be required to get good revenue but lastly when someone click on the ads while watching your videos then you will get money.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE: When the users like your video then they will subscribe to your channel and when your channel hit 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in last year then you can go for monetization for making the money.

How to Make Money form YouTube: If you want to check the every Youtubers history like income, subscriber, daily audience views, live how many users are seeing the videos and how many videos are uploaded by creators and when they started their channel all the details you will get from Social Blade site. Top 10 Youtubers, Top 10 country wise Youtubers all the details you can get.


How To enable Monetization on YouTube

1. Sign in to the YouTube account you want to Monetize.

2. Click the icon in your account in the top right corner.

3. Click You Tube Studio.

4. In the left side or left menu click Monetization.

5. Read and agree the YouTube Program Policy.

6. Create a new Ad Sense account or connect to existing one.

7. One Everything is done then Monitor daily wise how much revenue you are generating.

How to Make Money for YouTube Videos

8. How much money do we make from YouTube?

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE : The number of views doesn’t matter that how much your revenue earned. If your videos are views by 1000 users but no one watches or click the ads, you won’t make a single money. Your earning totally depends on the ads that are coming between on your videos. While watching your YouTube videos if any users will click on the ads or seeing the ads tp10,20,30 second for that you will be paid by YouTubers.

Ways of Making Money on YouTube without depending on ads:


Build Your store on YouTube: If You have products then sell that products via YouTube to your targeting audience. Here users are more and make relationship via giving value to the users and sell your product to generate income.

Sell Affiliate Products on YouTube: There are lots of products to sell that can help you to make money through your YouTube channel. You can sell the many products like – Bags, t-shirts, mobile, decor items and many more. You can sell the affiliate products of amazon and flipkart like electronics, fashion, gadgets, decor items, and many more.

How to Make Money form YouTube : You can sell any products either you can make a cake in your home a sell it through online or through YouTube video in that you can save the time when someone is giving order then you can parcel it to their home.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE: Use YouTube to get traffic to your website and blog: If you have a website or blog and you need traffic then use YouTube to get more traffic to your website or blog in that case your traffic will also boost and your revenue will also increase.

You can share your video to another marketplace, forum, such as Nairaland, craigslist etc. share that video on Facebook when people like that product then they will buy that product.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE :When you have good audience then you can sell any product with that audience just proper planning and execution required.

Best YouTube Keyword tool, YouTube SEO tool:

YouTube is the brand leader in the video industry and it is the second largest social media platform most visited website in the world. Because of YouTube video industry are booming in the market industry.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE : Companies are using YouTube for promoting the Product and doing the advertisement to generate traffic, promotion selling product because of huge user’s database. YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google company.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE : In YouTube everyday lots of new creator are coming and companies are doing the advertisement of product and services. So, if you want to maximize the performance and revenue you need to ensure that your videos are coming in the list as per the searching, those who are looking for that related keyword. For that you have to use some tools.


Important tools for YouTube SEO: Find the topic with Google Trends: Finding the topic that users are searching for is the main point of SEO. If you have Keyword that users are searching for then its easy to rank for that Google Trends will help you to find the correct keyword. Google Trends show the list of related queries for each topic.

Keyword Ideas from Google Ads: Google Keyword Planner is the free and best tool to generate keywords. If you have topic in your mind the Google Ads will help you to generate a list of keywords in this you can check the minimum and maximum monthly searches, CPC and competition of the keyword is high, medium and low.

YouTube Analytics: You can Monitor your growth, daily visitor, monthly visitor, ranking on YouTube, hourly views, you can monitor your performance growth, subscriber, live statics report. All those things you can monitor in YouTube Dashboard. So all this tool will help you to grow in YouTube and your video will rank in the top of searches.

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